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Open books on deskMost Native American Tribes have their own set of Tribal codes. Because of this, tribal members and non-Indian individuals who are dealing with a legal challenge will need to abide by particular laws, codes, and customs that a lot of non-Indians individuals may not know about. It is imperative that these laws are followed in order to reach a resolution.

Should you be facing a Tribal Court legal situation, you will need an attorney that is knowledgeable in Tribal law. At Rochelle & Associates, I'm the lawyer you can trust.

As a registered Chickasaw tribal member, I regularly practice before the Bureau of Indian Affairs Court in Anadarko, OK, the Comanche Nation's Children's Court and the Chickasaw District Court in Ada, OK.

Established in Lawton, Rochelle & Associates has served many Native Americans throughout the area with a range of legal matters. I also represent clients in family law and criminal defense matters and I'm experienced in carefully handling many different legal matters in Tribal Courts. Whether you're faced with a complex or fairly simple case, my law firm is ready to provide you with legal solutions you can count on.

To learn more information about the Tribal Court matters I've handled and what exactly I can do for your case, call Rochelle & Associates at 580-248-1822 today.